The Three Most Common Types Of Photocopiers

19 December 2014
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Photocopiers used to be most popularly found in offices and workplaces, but are now becoming popular with private individuals. There are differences between what the copiers can do. Some can only perform the task of copying, while others can print as well. Technological advancements mean that photocopiers are now available which can produce almost instant, quality copies of a document.  This article takes a look at the difference between analog and digital printers, and the most common types of photocopiers and their specific uses.

Difference Between Analog And Digital Photocopying

The main difference between these two types of printing is the way in which the document that is to be copied is sent to the drum of the photocopier. The drum is where the actual print is created. Analog photocopiers use a reflective area to read the document, while digital printers use a laser to imprint the document onto the drum.

Multi Task Photocopier

These are the most popular kinds of photocopiers for home use. They get the name from their ability to perform more than one task. They can be used to copy documentation, print off documents from the computer and can be used for scanning documents. Popular for small business as well, these photocopiers can save money and space as they have more than one inbuilt function, and they take up less room than two or three separate machines. They use an analogue system to copy and print documentation.

Digital Photocopiers

These newer types of photocopiers are increasing in popularity. Unlike the analogue photocopiers, the document is saved directly in the memory of a digital photocopier. This can then be retrieved and photocopied as and when necessary; you don't need to keep taking the same document to the photocopier. Instead of using an internal mirror – like the analogue photocopiers – the digital photocopier uses lasers to reprint, resulting in a much higher quality copy than from the analogue photocopier. A digital photocopier has less moving parts as a whole, meaning that although they may be initially more expensive than an analog photocopier, they are less likely to break down or develop a fault.

Network Photocopiers

These are almost exclusively used for larger offices and businesses. The only function a network photocopier can perform is to copy documentation, but it can be accessed by all members of staff from their desks. Once the network photocopier is selected, an employee can copy different documentation from their computer without having to leave their chair. Some of the network photocopiers can be expensive compared to the other types of photocopiers, although used network photocopiers are available.

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