Frequently Asked Questions on Security Doors

18 August 2015
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A sliding security door for your house is a good investment because they can easily prevent break ins while also keeping your family safe. If you're looking to acquire a security door, chances are you already have some questions in mind. Here are a few answers to the most commonly asked questions about sliding security doors: Are security doors really a must have? Well, it really comes down to personal preferences. Read More 

3 Tips for Hiring an IT Consultant

3 March 2015
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The advent of information technology has revolutionized nearly all aspects of communication in the modern day world. It has also led to the increased need of IT consultancy services in a large number of business entities. An IT consultant is an independent contractor who specializes in identification and rectification of problems with information technology systems and related devices. The article below discusses a few factors you should consider before you hire IT consultants. Read More 

Cleaning An Overheated Laptop

5 February 2015
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When a laptop computer starts to overheat, it responds by shutting down the system or by restarting the system. This is done to protect the CPU (central processing unit) from heat damage. It is common for laptops that are a couple of years old to suffer from this problem, as this is approximately the amount of time it takes for the dust and debris to build up inside of a laptop. Read More 

What Type of Projector Should I Hire - DLP or LCD?

26 January 2015
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When it comes to projector hire there are essentially two different types of technology vying for your attention. The first is classified as DLP, or "digital light processing," which is based on the use of a digital micromirror device and dates back to 1987. The second – and more modern - technology is known as LCD, or "liquid crystal display," and is based on electrifying a layer of tiny crystals held between two panels. Read More 

Why Every Small Business Should Have An Office Telephone System

21 January 2015
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Despite the tidal wave of technology currently sweeping across the business world and the latest 'bring-your-own-device' trend, a simple dedicated phone system is still essential for every small business.  Customers and suppliers alike much prefer to speak to a real person than to communicate solely by email or text, or via faceless messaging on a website.  In addition, a dedicated phone line offers many other advantages for the forward thinking small business owner. Read More