Pin Boards: How To Choose One And Their Applications

15 January 2015
 Categories: Technology, Blog

Are you thinking about buying a pin board from a company like Vista Visuals Australia Pty Ltd, but don't know how to buy one, or what kind of applications they can be used for? Understating the different considerations when buying a pin board is useful because it will allow you to choose the right one for your desired use. Furthermore, you're going to get a better match physically for the surroundings in which you want to place it. 

Choosing A Pin Board

  • Size: the size of the board needs to be big enough to give you enough space to work with. However, make sure that it's not so big that it cannot fit in the desired location. Most pin board services will allow their customers to enter the dimensions for the exact size of the pin board that they want. When entering such dimensions make sure that you understand if the frame is to be included or excluded in those measurements.
  • Colour: pin boards can come in a range of colours, and it would be best to select one that matches your interior décor. However, the standard colours that most services have in stock, and ready to ship, are grey and royal blue.
  • Frame: the cheapest and most practical frames are aluminum ones. They are practical because the low weight of aluminum means not much weight is added to the pin board. Aluminum frames also blend in well with most interior décor designs.


Understanding the common applications of pin boards will allow you to decide if you actually need one. Here are some of the everyday uses of pin boards:

  • Office use:offices typically need a way of communicating amongst that workforce. Technology such as e-mail and instant messaging are great tools, but having a notice board to relay important information can be just as effective. For example, it could be located next to the water cooler where everyone would see it on a daily basis.
  • Getting organised at home: those who have trouble getting organised at home could benefit from a pin board. You can put up a schedule of your weekly routine, or reminders of tasks that need to be completed. Even if you have a small home you can order a pin board that will fit due to the custom specifications feature.
  • Advertisements: if you have space on a commercial building, inside or outside, to put up a pin board then you can use it for advertisement purposes. The great thing about such boards for this purpose is the ease with which you can change ads, and how cheap it is to display them.