Factors to Consider when Using Wired Outdoor Speakers during a Party

27 November 2017
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Kids love holding their birthday parties outdoors. Outdoors provide the much-needed space for various fun activities that your child can enjoy with friends. However, an outdoor birthday party is not complete if guests do not get a chance to experience their favourite tunes. Notably, quality speakers are an integral part of a birthday party, and you have the option of choosing between wired and Bluetooth speakers. If you decide to go for the wired speakers, some prior planning is required. This article highlights factors you must consider when using wired speakers for outdoor events.

Plan the Route -- To get the best from your speakers during an outdoor party, the devices must be positioned strategically. Even so, this does not mean that the wires should run haphazardly throughout the compound. Planning an appropriate route for speakers cabling is critical. One of the reasons is that provisioning a path for the wires will prevent tripping accidents because you would have teens running and dancing around the compound. Secondly, while it might be tempting to run the wires through the window, you risk damaging them and consequently affecting sound quality. Thirdly, having a route in mind allows you to measure the right amount of wire length thereby saving costs as well as providing an allowance for obstacles.

Wire Thickness -- The category of speaker wires is usually measured in gauges. Notably, cables with a higher gauge rating tend to be thinner. Most importantly, thicker cables maintain better sound quality compared to thin wires. During your child's birthday party, you should expect speaker wires to take a beating by being stepped on or pulled in all directions by happy children. Therefore, thick speaker cables are better since sound quality will not suffer. Additionally, such cabling can span for longer distances without affecting sound quality considerably. The same cannot be said about higher gauge speaker wires.

Test First -- One of the mistakes most people make when laying speaker wires is fixing them without testing sound quality first. Unless you know where each speaker should go like the back of your hand, do not drill a hole in your patio or bury the wires before testing the outdoor speakers. To check the speakers for sound quality, loosely lay the cables along the planned route without fixating them and then turn on the music. Feel the sound quality and alter cabling routes accordingly until you identify optimal positioning.

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