Why your cabling matters more than you think

14 December 2018
 Categories: Technology, Blog

When you manage a business, it can be tempting to think that it is elements of your business which you can see that are the most important. The people who work for you with their skills and experience are certainly vital, and the office equipment they use is essential to enable them to communicate with your customers and to get their work done, but the people and the computers aren't much use without a functioning cable network to connect everything together.

Understanding the importance of your data cabling

While much of your data cabling remains hidden out of sight, you can't afford to ignore it, since it is that cabling that allows your business to function. If you don't have a working network, then not only can you not communicate effectively with your customers, but you can't even communicate with other members of staff. A failed network means that you can't access vital files, email someone in a different department or update your supervisor on the status of your project. Correctly maintained, your data cabling should last for many years before it needs replacing. The problem is that many firms don't maintain their data cabling and only really think about it once it develops a fault. Instead of firefighting to fix faults, a better approach is to have your data cabling installed by a professional and then adopt a regular maintenance regime to ensure that your cabling is always operating at peak efficiency.

The strength of your network

Your network is only as strong as the weakest component, and very often it is the data cabling which is the weakest link. This could be either because the original design was poorly thought through and didn't allow for future modifications or because the network has not been maintained since it was installed, leading to an unsightly mess of cables crammed under desks or trailing along the walls. Calling a commercial electrician is the best way to get your data cabling back on track and create a strong, safe network to support your business.

How a commercial electrician can help

A cabling professional will be able to look at your data cabling and not only repair it but suggest ways it can be improved and your network strengthened. They will provide you with a solution that is not only scalable but will integrate with any telephone system or hardware configuration to offer the greatest degree of flexibility for future development of your business. Talk to an electrician today and find out how they can help your business grow.