Tips on How to Keep Your Security Systems Footage Safe

29 April 2019
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Once security systems have been installed in a commercial premise or home, it's the responsibility of the property owner to ensure that they don't get stolen or damaged. The same applies to the CCTV system footage since it holds critical information that could be helpful when an accident, theft or any other problem occurs in or around the premises. It can also be used to prove the presence or absence of a certain person.

So, how can the security footage be kept safe? Here are various easy steps property owners can consider to protect the security system footage.

Update the system software

One of the best ways to protect the footage of your security system is to ensure the software is up to date. Outdated software is subject to a wide range of vulnerabilities and can easily become exposed. Moreover, problems related to the old systems may become known, so once updated, the footage will be safer. In case you store the footage in other devices, it's also good to make sure the devices' software is updated as well.

Keep changing the passwords

The power of having a strong password should never be underestimated, especially when it comes to your security system footage. But, having a strong password doesn't mean that you are safe; you need to keep changing it. This is an effective way to make sure the CCTV footage is protected.

As you create the password, make sure you don't use personal information that another person can guess easily. To have a unique and strong password, use a random combination of numbers, letters and other special characters. These will make it hard for anyone, even those who are close to you, to guess the password.

Avoid unnecessary risks

While cloud storage has proved to be convenient in many aspects, this information-storage option comes with some risks that cannot be ignored. Thus, it's not one of the best options for storing data that's considered confidential. When you allow the security footage to be accessible on the cloud, you'll open it up to several risks. For instance, the footage can get hacked by anyone who is interested in getting your personal or business data for their personal reasons.

In case you are asked to show the footage your system recorded, make sure that very few people access the footage. Also, consider controlling the number of people who see your recordings and ensure the system footage is used for the intended purpose.

Ask a CCTV service for additional tips on keeping your cameras secure.