Tips on How to Keep Your Security Systems Footage Safe

29 April 2019
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Once security systems have been installed in a commercial premise or home, it's the responsibility of the property owner to ensure that they don't get stolen or damaged. The same applies to the CCTV system footage since it holds critical information that could be helpful when an accident, theft or any other problem occurs in or around the premises. It can also be used to prove the presence or absence of a certain person. Read More 

How Do You Establish Your Computer Network’s Data Cabling Needs?

16 September 2018
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Undoubtedly, the internet has become heavily ingrained in commercial applications. To run your business successfully, you need to be able to communicate faster with your clients online, save data to the cloud and generally have efficient operations on a daily basis. So if you own a start-up and are currently in the process of setting up your premises, you need to put careful consideration into what data cabling you will choose for your office. Read More 

Factors to Consider when Using Wired Outdoor Speakers during a Party

27 November 2017
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Kids love holding their birthday parties outdoors. Outdoors provide the much-needed space for various fun activities that your child can enjoy with friends. However, an outdoor birthday party is not complete if guests do not get a chance to experience their favourite tunes. Notably, quality speakers are an integral part of a birthday party, and you have the option of choosing between wired and Bluetooth speakers. If you decide to go for the wired speakers, some prior planning is required. Read More 

Frequently Asked Questions on Security Doors

18 August 2015
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A sliding security door for your house is a good investment because they can easily prevent break ins while also keeping your family safe. If you're looking to acquire a security door, chances are you already have some questions in mind. Here are a few answers to the most commonly asked questions about sliding security doors: Are security doors really a must have? Well, it really comes down to personal preferences. Read More 

What Type of Projector Should I Hire - DLP or LCD?

26 January 2015
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When it comes to projector hire there are essentially two different types of technology vying for your attention. The first is classified as DLP, or "digital light processing," which is based on the use of a digital micromirror device and dates back to 1987. The second – and more modern - technology is known as LCD, or "liquid crystal display," and is based on electrifying a layer of tiny crystals held between two panels. Read More